Penedesa is a project company that offers complete supply chain from a dream of owning a Masia & Vineyard to a bottle of your own wine on your dinner table in your new home.

A combination of solid knowledge of Spanish businesses environment, long years of experience within the construction industry and a professional attitude ensures smooth delivery throughout the entire project.

Peter Johnsen

Sales Executive

Peter lives for continuous improvement and quality products - and when there is no such product in the market - he creates one. That is how Penedesa was born. Peter knows exactly all the steps from a dream to reality.


30 years

Experience in construction industry

Ronald Bastiaens


Ronny is a certified technical engineer with almost 30 years experience within the construction sector. Many years of priceless experience ensure a wide range of external and internal suppliers, trustworthy qualified workers and local business knowledge.


Jurate Johnsen

Project manager

Jurate is comfortable with tracking large scale projects ensuring delivery being on time, within budget and in great quality. Jurate is also an MBA graduate from London, thus her business environment knowledge and her planning skills bring great value within Penedesas` operations.



Restored Masias in Spain

Gerda Zemblyte

Lighting Designer

Gerda has an impressive and versatile portfolio of projects in the high-end residential sector both in the Spanish and UK market. With almost a decade of experience, she has been part of multiple projects throughout the entire process – from concept to completion.


Anna Baqués

Wine & Agriculture expert

Anna is specializing in organic farming, seeking a well-balanced production, while remaining friendly to the environment. She is a certified oenologist and agronomist.


15 years

In wine production